What to Expect?

The first step to becoming a stem cell donor (bone marrow) is to join the Stem Cell Donor Registry.

Your test results remain confidential and are only used to help us find a donor compatible with a patient requiring a stem cell transplant. Only a small number of individuals will eventually be called upon to donate stem cells.

According to your tests results, it is possible that you might be compatible with someone who needs a bone marrow transplant. This is a unique opportunity for you to offer your help.

You might be asked to donate some of the healthy stem cells in your bone marrow to someone who needs them in the treatment of a serious illness. Stem cell transplants have become an increasingly important treatment for a variety of diseases.

If a patient with the same HLA characteristics as you requires a donation, Héma-Québec will contact you in order to ensure that you are still prepared to make a donation, and we will explain the following steps to you. If the results of your tests are satisfactory, we will ask you to donate stem cells from your bone marrow or your peripheral stem cells, depending on the patient’s needs.

The other steps of Stem cells donation are :

  • Preparing for your donation
  • Bone marrow collection
  • Recovery period.

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