Get involved

Volunteerism is absolutely essential to fulfill our mission.

In addition to the individuals who donate blood on a voluntary basis, we count on the generous contributions of those people who support Héma-Québec by recruiting donors (telephone recruitment), organizing blood drives or by helping out at the blood donor clinics.

Every volunteer, whether a donor, telephone recruiter or blood drive organizer or helper, is proud to be able to help save the lives of thousands of Quebecers.

Every year, more than a million volunteer hours are devoted to maintaining the collective blood supply. Thank you to everyone involved!

We need new volunteers who will carry on this tradition. You do not need any experience to volunteer with us! We will provide you with the training required for the position you will hold.

Let’s make a commitment to save lives—together!
For more information or If you would like to volunteer:

Montréal and Western Québec
514-832-5000, ext. 5162

Québec City and Eastern Québec
418-780-4362, ext. 2245