Information to read before completing the questionnaire

Registration at the blood drive and the qualification of the blood donation are still necessary even if you complete the online questionnaire.


You must complete the welcome and registration steps even if you completed the questionnaire beforehand.

You will save time during the questionnaire step, since you will already have completed it. We will only have to review certain questions with you, as needed.


Going to a blood drive with a completed questionnaire does not guarantee your eligibility to make a blood donation. You must still satisfy the qualification criteria in order to make a donation.

Héma-Québec makes donor and recipient safety its utmost priority and, therefore, establishes strict qualification criteria. The qualification criteria are reviewed and assessed on a regular basis.

Please consult the list of: blood donation qualification criteria.


You must:

  • complete it on the same day as your donation; and
  • have already given blood at Héma-Québec (new donors cannot use this questionnaire)...

...otherwise you will be asked to fill out the questionnaire again at the blood drive.

The questionnaire refers to the following information. Please read all of it.


Travel to certain countries may result in temporary or permanent disqualification from blood donation. The following four criteria are involved: Chagas disease, variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, malaria and the Zika virus.

Please consult the list of:  countries affected by these qualification criteria.


Certain medications may pose a risk to the donor or recipient, and if you’re taking them you will not be able to give blood.

Acceptable medications: vitamins, oral contraceptives, creams, ointments, drops, gels, sprays, inhaler, cortisone.

Please consult the list of: Medications taken on a regular basis that exclude you from donating blood.


For any questions about blood donation, the qualification criteria or the online questionnaire, contact our Donor Services department at 1-800-847-2525.