Whole blood donation

What to expect?

What to expect?

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How often can you donate blood?

You can give blood every 56 days, which is six times per year. The body quickly replenishes the small quantity of blood collected—slightly less than a half litre (450 ml).

How long does the blood donation take?

A whole blood donation takes about 10 minutes. The entire process takes about an hour.

Do patients receive whole blood when they are transfused?

No. Once collected, the whole blood donation is then processed into its various blood components (plasma, platelets, red blood cells); which encourages the transfusion of products that correspond to patients’ specific needs.

Where can I give whole blood?

You can make a whole blood donation at one of the blood drives organized throughout Québec or at one of the GLOBULE Blood Donor Centres.

For any question concerning blood donation: 1-800-847-2525.