Donor recognition program

Donor generosity is vital. To highlight the commitment and importance of blood donors, we have established a recognition program for the men and women who help us on a daily basis to improve the quality of life of patients or save their lives.

Please note that donations made under the Red Cross program are added to those you make with Héma-Québec. We take into account your previous donations with us and all of the donations that were already recorded in your file, which was transferred to us in complete confidentiality at the time we began our operations in September 1998.

Whether you have donated once or several times, we are committed to celebrating your sense of sharing. So under the “Give blood. Give life.” theme, our donor recognition program is designed to underline your contributions and the attainment of various donor-recognition levels. Even though the eligibility frequency for making different types of donations varies, they are all included in the total donation count (whole blood, platelet and plasma donations).

When you donate for the first time, you receive a pin and a donor card. Other tokens of recognition will be given to you when you reach various milestones in your donor career (3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 35, 50, 75 donations, as well as 100 donations and more). The donor card assigned to you varies according to the following system:

  • White card—from 1 to 99 donations
  • Gold card—from 100 to 149 donations
  • Platinum card—150 donations or more (a new card after every 50 donations)

Welcome to new donors1
Thank you to our regular donors3-5-10-15
A career as a donor is taking shape20-25-35
Great ambassadors100+

The Great Blood Donation Ambassadors (100 or more donations) are also invited to official recognition evenings. At these annual ceremonies, great ambassadors who have made between 100 and 199 donations are awarded an honorary certificate. Those who have reached 200 to 799 donations receive instead a glass trophy. Finally, the extraordinary contribution of those who have made 800 donations or more is acknowledged by inviting them to choose their prize from a selection of prestigious gifts.

We also organize official recognition ceremonies at blood drive locations in collaboration with the organizing committees.

We encourage you to donate and to continue donating blood or blood components. Every time you make this simple, generous and invaluable gesture, you help save the lives of several people. On behalf of the recipients, thank you.