Louis Thibault, Ph.D.

Louis Thibault, Ph.D.

Director, Operational Research
Ph.D. Biochemistry, Université Laval, 1994
Tel.: 418-780-4362, ext. 3238
fax: 418-780-2091

Research Interests:

  • Improvement and validation of blood component manufacturing processes
  • Evaluation of commercial technologies aimed at optimizing the safety and quality of products shipped to hospitals
  • In vitro analyses of blood and blood components
  • Contamination of blood components and cord blood
  • Quality of blood components during storage
  • Process automation Influence of processing methods on the quality of blood components
  • Microbial safety of blood components

Current projects:

Evaluation & Optimization Group (EOG)

The work of the Operational Research team focuses on five key objectives:

  • Evaluating commercial products that allow to improve the safety and quality of blood components manufactured by Héma-Québec
  • Optimize the efficiency of blood component manufacturing processes through the development of novel methods
  • Validation of manufacturing processes
  • Manufacturing specialized products for use by Héma-Québec laboratories or for administration to hospital patients
  • Notifying operations departments about methods that can improve procedures and quality of products supplied to hospitals

Examples of recently completed projects:

  • Production of plasminogen concentrate eye drops for the treatment of ligneous conjunctivitis in plasminogen-deficient patients
  • Validation of a closed-system cell processor for red blood cell washing
  • Impact of deviations from generally accepted storage temperatures on the quality and contamination of blood components
  • Study of bacterial growth inhibiting activity in cord blood
  • Evaluation of automated phasmapheresis apparatus
  • Study of microparticles in plasma and platelet concentrates intended for transfusion
  • Study of variation in microRNA levels in packed red blood cells during storage
  • Optimization of an automated device for reducing cord blood volume
  • Optimization of the operational parameters of blood centrifugation
  • Study of the influence of blood processing methods on the immunomodulatory properties of red blood cells intended for transfusion


  • Methods for processing blood into components
  • Technology assessment
  • Biochemical and functional analysis of platelets and red blood cells
  • Process validation and optimization
  • Bacterial contamination
  • Monoclonal antibody production
  • Development and validation of immunochemical and biochemical assays

Recent publications: