Louis Thibault, Ph.D.

Louis Thibault, Ph.D.

Director, Operational Research
Ph.D. Biochemistry, Université Laval, 1994

Tel.: 418-780-4362, ext. 3238

Research Interests:

  • New technologies and blood bank process optimization; evaluation of the quality of blood components

Current Project:

  • Operational Testing Group (OTG)

Operational Testing Group (OTG)

As blood component supplier, Héma-Québec must use efficient instruments and processes in order to maximize safety and availability of blood products shipped to hospitals. Given the wide variety and the constant evolution of modern technologies, a wise choice of the best technology often requires prior testing. The OTG’s mandate is to provide a framework, within Héma-Québec, for the evaluation of new technologies that can optimize the quality and efficiency of operations related to blood component collection, processing, analysis, and distribution. In parallel to this core activity, the OTG performs research work aimed at optimizing blood component quality, safety, and rational utilization.

Examples of OTG Projects:

  • Evaluation of equipment for automation of blood component preparation
  • Design qualification of biomedical instruments (blood mixers for use during blood collection, thermal sealers, vital sign measuring apparatuses, hematological analyzers)
  • Evaluation of apheresis platelet collection devices
  • Optimization of the storage time and temperature of whole blood before component preparation
  • Generation and metabolism of kinins in blood components and their possible involvement in transfusion reactions
    Blood platelets observed by transmission electron microscopy; magnification: 10,000

Recent Publications: