Steps from registration to donation

You decided to give the umbilical cord blood of your child at birth? This precious donation will be made in three steps.

1. The registration

Pregnant women eligible to register to the Public Cord Blood Bank must complete:

You can obtain the registration form by calling 1-800-565-6635 or 514-832-5000, ext. 5253 or by sending an email to

2. The qualification process

A selection process has been developed for future mothers who wish to donate umbilical cord blood of their babies. It aims to ensure their own safety, that of the unborn child and that of the person receiving the transplant. The selection process takes about 15 minutes.

3. The donation

The collection of umbilical cord blood requires 3 to 5 minutes and is safe for the child and the mother. The cord blood is collected after the birth of the child, once the umbilical cord is cut, but before placental expulsion. The mother and the child feel no effect.