If you are chosen: what to expect?

Stem cell donation: step by step

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Only a small number of individuals will eventually be called upon to donate stem cells. Tens of thousands of people are registered for the Héma-Québec's Stem Cell Donor Registry, but only ten of them are asked to donate each year.

If you are chosen

If you are chosen as a donor, we will explain to you in detail the two types of donation possible:

  • bone marrow; or
  • peripheral blood stem cells.

If you decide to continue

Once you are well informed, if you decide to continue, you will be ask to undergo a general physical exam including blood and urine tests to confirm that you are healthy enough to donate. 

If the results of your tests are satisfactory

If the results of your tests are satisfactory, you will receive documentation on how to prepare for donation. We will discuss your accomodations and transportation and the expenses for which you will be reimbursed. We will ask you to sign a consent form. 

Seven to ten days before your donation

Seven to ten days before your donation, the recipient will begin treatments and preparation for the transplant. As of that moment, your commitment will be crucial. Otherwise, you will be putting the patient's life in danger. 

To learn more about the qualification criteria or registration process:

Join the Registry

Many people require a stem cell transplant to survive. Unfortunately, three times out of four, a compatible donor is not found within the family. The Stem Cell Donor Registry therefore becomes their only hope.

When you register, you increase the chances of a patient finding a compatible donor.

Your generosity could save a life!