Steps to register

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How do you become a stem cell donor?

Step 1

If you qualify, the first step is to read the Guide for the potential donor.

Step 2

Once you have all the information, fill out the registration form online.

Step 3

You will then receive a buccal swab collection kit by mail. Follow the instructions. Perform the mouth swab and return to us the kit containing your samples in the return-envelop provided.

  • Your samples will be analyzed in a laboratory to determine your genetic profile and the data will be kept confidential in our registry. They will only be used to establish compatibility between you and a patient in need of a transplant.

Registration completed

Once you have returned your kit, your enrollment in the registry is complete.

What happens after?

It is possible that you may never be contacted, or you could be contacted in six months or in even in 20 years. But one day, up until the age of 60, you could be found compatible with a patient and be given the opportunity to save someone's life.

When our Registry receives a call, it can come from anywhere in the world. We are notified that a patient, from here or elsewhere, needs a stem cell transplant. We search the registries, including our own, and if you are potentially compatible, we will call you and see whether you are still willing to make a donation. If you are, you will be ask to give blood samples. These samples are used primarily to confirm your HLA compatibility with the patient.

If your compatibility is confirmed, we will give you the good news. And if all the right conditions are met, we will invite you to make a donation.

Join the Registry

Many people require a stem cell transplant to survive. Unfortunately, three times out of four, a compatible donor is not found within the family. The Stem Cell Donor Registry therefore becomes their only hope.

When you register, you increase the chances of a patient finding a compatible donor.

Your generosity could save a life!


  • Consult the Learn more section; or
  • Call us at 1-800-565-MOEL (6635), ext. 5279.