After registration

A good deed that could change everything

First of all, thank you for enrolling in the Stem Cell Donor Registry! You may be a unique and precious match to someone seriously ill, here in Québec or elsewhere in the world, who has been waiting a long time.

The call of a lifetime

Now that you’re registered, you could be called by Héma-Québec to make a stem cell donation. That call could change two lives forever: yours, and the person waiting for a transplant. Of course, if you are compatible with someone registered with Héma-Québec, we’ll verify that you still wish to donate stem cells. However, you should know that you may never get that call, or it may happen in 20 years, or at any time up until your 60th birthday!

The gift of a lifetime

If you are still interested in making this selfless donation, we will request blood samples to confirm your compatibility. Once all factors have been considered and you are indeed a match, you’ll be asked to give the gift of life, literally!

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