Organize a blood drive!

A group of people interested in forming a committee to organize a blood drive (in a community, corporate or academic setting) must first of all communicate with one of Héma-Québec’s blood drive advisors.

Your participation on an organizing committee is greatly appreciated and we thank you for your commitment to this worthy cause.

Blood drive in a community, corporate or academic setting

We would not be able to accomplish our mission without the collaboration of organizing committees made up of volunteers.

Organizing a blood drive is an opportunity offered to everyone. We encourage you to become one of our partners and take your turn at organizing your own blood drive!

We can offer you different types of partnerships in order for you to hold a blood drive that is adapted to your context and to the special features of your environment, whether it is a community, corporate or academic setting.

Blood drive in a community setting
Maintaining Québec’s blood supply at an adequate level to protect the health and life of Quebecers is a great humanitarian and community cause.

Groups and community organizations have always cooperated tremendously with our organization by organizing an impressive number of blood drives over the years. Community organizations are recognized for having members who are enthusiastic about the idea of doing more for our society.

Your commitment to the community is invaluable. We encourage you to pursue your efforts and contribute to our cause—the maintenance of the collective blood supply at an adequate level.

Cultural communities
Québec society has evolved a great deal over the past several decades. The demographic make-up has been enriched with the addition of several nationalities that have created a variety of rapidly growing cultural communities. Because their contribution is important, we are committed to making them aware of the need to give blood. Blood requirements are universal, and it is essential to reach out to all of the communities that make up Québec’s social fabric.

In order to ensure a rich and diversified blood supply with the greatest number of specific blood types, we rely on the support of donors from Québec’s various cultural communities. It is essential to reach all communities.

Some recipients may need blood whose genetic properties are similar to their own. We must, therefore, supply them with blood products that often come from donors sharing the same ethnic origin.

We need the participation of Québec’s cultural communities. Aware that the mores and customs vary from one community to the next, we are concerned about adapting ourselves to the cultural realities of the donors and the blood drive organizing committees. We offer you an approach that respects your customs.

Corporate blood drives
Organizing a blood drive is an activity that demonstrates your company’s humanitarian commitment and it is a marvellous way of demonstrating your role as a good corporate citizen.

By joining forces with Héma-Québec, your company assumes an active role at the heart of its community and contributes to its betterment. A corporate blood drive also brings employees together for a common purpose and creates an undeniable feeling of team accomplishment.

Your environment allows you to reach a cross-section of active donors in the work force. Companies can make a major contribution to the collective blood supply. We need you!

Blood drive in an academic setting
We are committed to raising the awareness of young people—our future donors—about donating blood. There is nothing better than a stimulating blood drive project to raise their awareness of this cause.

A blood drive project readily fits into elementary and secondary school programs. In collaboration with Héma-Québec, teachers can carry out this project with their students. Organizing a blood drive lets young people make discoveries on both a humanitarian and a personal level, preparing them to become adults who are concerned about the well-being of their community.

Experience shows that children are excellent recruiters. With their energy, vitality and wonderful naïvety, young people make a blood drive quite an occasion. That’s precisely what we need!

We would also like to have the opportunity to hold blood drives at CÉGEPs and universities. Your students could organize a blood drive in concert with Héma-Québec. Young adults who are members of the student association, a sports club or any other committee are, without a doubt, well placed to organize a blood drive in their CÉGEP, college or university because they already have a network and the credibility for completing this kind of ambitious project.

Get involved!

Organizing committee

When you organize a blood drive, you will never be left to your own resources. We will help you every step of the way. You will have access to the expertise of our staff as well as to some of its volunteers. One of our blood drive advisors will accompany you through all of the steps involved in organizing a blood drive, from its planning stages right through to the event itself, and will supply you with all of the materials you need to make your blood drive a success.

Organizing committees look after the logistics of a blood drive, handle its promotion and recruit donors. Each committee member assumes a specific task in preparation for the blood drive. The members of the organizing committee name a coordinator. This person is responsible for the overall organization of the blood drive and liaises with our advisor and the other members of the organizing committee.

A team that saves lives!

Types of partnerships

Private blood drive
This blood drive is intended for donors from your organization only. Our team comes to your premises. Donors can make an appointment and only need to take an hour of their time to donate.

Public blood drive
This blood drive invites donors from your organization and the general public to give blood. Our team proceeds to the location within your environment that is judged to be the most appropriate for circumstances. This type of blood drive provides increased visibility for your organization.

Blood drive in partnership with an existing blood drive
This blood drive welcomes donors from your locality and the general public. Our team travels to your sector to hold a blood drive already organized by local partners. Your organization joins the network and supports the existing partners, which promotes greater participation in this event.

Blood drive at our GLOBULE Blood Donor Centres
We have three GLOBULE centres that enable people to donate blood at their convenience. Our staff awaits you at our centres seven days a week.

Steps in organizing a blood drive

Here are the major steps in organizing a successful blood drive:

  • Set up an organizing committee (from two to four people)
  • Plan an organization, promotion and recruitment strategy
  • Establish a specific donation goal
  • Choose an ideal site depending on the type of blood drive
  • Set the date for the blood drive
  • Identify your donor recruiters
  • Make sure the blood drive runs smoothly
  • Discuss the blood drive post-mortem with your team