Register for the milk bank

Public Mothers' Milk Bank registrations resumed

Registrations for the Public Mothers' Milk Bank are possible again. An agent will contact you if you meet the following criterias, amongst others:

  • Your child is less than 10 months old at the time of your registration.
  • You would like to donate frozen milk, collected within the last 4 months.

Please note that delays may be longer than usual.

Do you have the required profile? Here are the steps to follow to register for the Public Mothers' Milk Bank:


Read the following documents before registering:


Once you have all the information:

  • fill out the registration form; and
  • print, fill out and have thisauthorization lettersigned by a health professional and return it to Héma-Québec:
    • this letter can be scanned and returned by email to or mailed to the Héma-Québec Public Mothers’ Milk Bank at: 4045, boulevard Côte-Vertu, Saint-Laurent, Québec H4R 2W7;
    • if there is a fee for signing this letter, you can claim it by completing this refund request and returning it to Héma-Québec.

Read the Donation information guide.


  • Once we have received all your documents, we will call you. You will answer a health questionnaire during a telephone interview.


  • If you qualify based on the health questionnaire, we will ask you to provide a blood sample.
  • If you qualify after your blood test, other information will be given to you and you will be provided with bottles in which to collect your donations.