Felix-Antoine, donneur de plasma

Why donate plasma?

Giving plasma is sharing one’s health

Each day, plasma ensures the survival and well-being of thousands of people. Plasma contains proteins that, in the form of drugs, are indispensable to treat many diseases. Demand for this precious and irreplaceable resource is never-ending. Happily, plasma is a renewable resource that can be given again and again.

Plasma donors make a difference in the lives of those who need drugs made with plasma proteins. They provide hope, courage and in many cases healing!

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Thousands of Quebecers need plasma- speciality drugs to get better. Plasma donation, a golden opportunity to save lives.

Meet donors who explain what prompts them to donate plasma.


Félix-Olivier, donated 70x

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Nagie, donated 16x

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Laurence, donated 20x

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Jean-Philippe, donated 303x

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