Héma-Québec passes annual inspection at his Québec location

MONTRÉAL, January 15, 2001 - Following the annual inspection of procedures which took place at the Québec City site from December 4 to 8, inspectors from the Bureau of Biologics and Radiopharmaceuticals (BBR), Health Canada maintained HÉMA-QUÉBEC's license.

The maintaining of the license means that the Québec's blood supplier is complying in all respects with the safety measures imposed by Health Canada and reassures the public and patients that they can have confidence in their blood supplier.

Once a year, Health Canada inspects HEMA-QUEBEC's to ensure that safety procedures are followed and consequently that the blood supply is as safe as possible.

Throughout their inspection, BBR inspectors noted that safety with respect to blood units and the various blood products was paramount to HÉMA-QUÉBEC's staff.

The inspectors made observations on activities that had no incidence on product safety, and measures have already been, or soon will be taken to remedy the situation. Their comments were directed mainly at improvement of Good manufacturing practices.

"The results obtained are a reflection on our excellent staff and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their hard work since HÉMA-QUÉBEC began operating" said Dr Francine Décary, Executive Director.

HÉMA-QUÉBEC must organize about 2,000 blood donor drives throughout the province in order to supply the 337,000 blood components needed by the hospitals. To fulfill its mission, HÉMA-QUÉBEC counts on 280,000 blood donors and on the cooperation of some 25,000 volunteers to organize the drives.

HÉMA-QUÉBEC's mission is to provide the Québec population with safe, top quality and sufficient blood components, products and substitutes to meet the needs of hospitals and offer recognized expertise and specialized immunohematology services.

Observations of the Bureau of Biologics and Radiopharmaceuticals (BBR)

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