Héma-Québec at Université Laval

Québec City, June 4, 2003 – The rector of Université Laval, Michel Pigeon, and the chairman of Héma-Québec’s Board of Directors, Claude Pichette, today unveiled a model of the new centre that will house Héma-Québec on the University’s campus. The $13,935,000 building, to be built by the Merlin-Pomerleau consortium, will bring together all of the organization’s activities in the Québec City region under one roof. Under the terms of a 30-year emphyteutic lease, Université Laval has turned over a 7,300-square-metre area located southwest of the Ferdinand-Vandry pavilion to the project.

"Héma-Québec’s presence on the campus will increase the critical mass of our biotechnology research, as well as contribute to the training of our interns in a highly-regulated industrial environment," explained the Rector. "Moreover, Héma-Québec will contribute to the support of our research, and its presence here on campus will increase awareness of the University among blood donors," he added. Héma-Québec’s researchers already have a close working relationship with their colleagues in Université Laval’s Biochemistry and Microbiology Department. Furthermore, six Héma-Québec employees are professors associated with the University.

" This project is part of our commitment to ensure Héma-Québec’s active presence within the Greater Québec City community and to concentrate our research and development activities there," emphasized Mr. Claude Pichette, Chairman of Héma-Québec’s Board of Directors. "This relationship with Université Laval, which we see as long term, is the realization of a synergy developed over the years by mutually fascinating research projects," he concluded.

Begun in April 2003, the construction of this multi-use building should be completed by Groupe Merlin-Pomerleau Immobilier in December 2003. The three-story structure will house the Héma-Québec research and development group that works on, among other things, the creation of new technologies and new products to meet the needs of the Québec health care system. The Histo-Québec Group, whose primary objective is to raise public awareness about the importance of donating human tissue, as well as the group responsible for processing blood products and blood substitutes, will also be housed in the new building.

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