Strike avoided at Héma-Québec

Montréal, June 5, 2003 - In the course of the past few hours, Héma-Québec and the Syndicat des travailleuses et travailleurs de Héma-Québec - Montréal (CSN) have reached an agreement in principle, following negotiations led by the conciliator appointed by the Ministre du Travail. This agreement must be approved during the next general assembly of union members.

The Syndicat des travailleuses et travailleurs de Héma-Québec - Montréal (CSN) has 210 members, including drivers, blood drive assistants and some categories of office and support staff.

Héma-Québec representatives are pleased with the conclusion of this issue. "Our main concern is to be able to provide blood products to patients in Québec. With this in mind, blood drives must be completely accessible to blood donors," explained Héma-Québec's spokesperson, Mr. André Roch, Assistant to the Executive Director - Public Affairs. "Throughout the summer, we will require more than 7,000 donations each week to meet the needs of the Québec population. It is therefore essential that our teams all be at work," he added.

Héma-Québec's mission is to efficiently provide adequate quantities of safe, top-quality blood components and substitutes to meet the needs of all Québeckers, as well as to provide and develop expertise and services, along with specialized and innovative products, in the fields of transfusion medicine and human tissue transplantation.