The Knights of Columbus and Blood Donation: Rallying to One Cause

Montreal, October 8, 2008 - Héma-Québec President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Francine Décary, congratulates the Order of the Knights of Columbus of Québec, recipient of a prestigious international award for its extraordinary contribution to the blood donation cause, awarded by the AABB (Advancing Transfusion and Cellular Therapies Worldwide), a prominent association in the field of blood, blood products, stem cells and transfusion medicine.

“If Héma-Québec is able to meet the needs of hospitals for blood products, it is foremost thanks to the unwavering support of organizing committees such as those from the Knights of Columbus, volunteers and donors who make possible some 2,000 blood drives each year in Québec. Without this precious contribution, our mission would be at stake,” declared Dr. Francine Décary.

Each year, the organizing committees and their team of volunteers organized numerous blood drives and thus contribute to maintaining Quebec’s blood reserve at sufficient level. Since the inception of Héma-Québec, 10 years ago, the Order of the Knights of Columbus has accomplished the feat of organizing more than 1,530 blood drives, in which more than 236,000 donors gave blood.

“It is magnificent to realize the continued chain of sharing the Order of the Knights’ invaluable contribution has created. Tens of thousands of people with illnesses in Québec have been able to recover thanks to the efforts of those who are concerned by the state of the collective blood supply,” added Dr. Décary.

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