National Blood Donor Week Voluntary blood donation: keeping us safe

Montreal, June 7, 2009 – During the 2nd annual National Blood Donor Week, from June 8 to 14, Héma-Québec wishes to highlight the importance of blood donation and thank all the people who contribute to its mission.

The theme for 2009 is achieving 100 per cent non-remunerated donation of blood and blood components—the theme of World Blood Donor Day, which will close the event on June 14. The objective is to promote universal access to safe transfusions through voluntary blood donation.

"In Québec, we are very fortunate to rely on a blood reserve that meets the highest safety standards. Non-remunerated blood donation is the cornerstone of our blood collection system, which rests entirely on the commitment of people acting for purely humanitarian reasons," said Dr. Francine Décary, President and Chief Executive Officer of Héma-Québec.


National Blood Donor Week will be celebrated in several ways in Québec, including a special motion at the National Assembly where a blood drive will be held. From June 12 to 14, Héma Québec representatives will be on hand at the Eureka! Festival in the Old Port of Montréal to provide information about blood and blood groups. Lastly, a roadside and public transit poster campaign will thank donors and volunteers for giving the gift of life. This year, the posters will feature actor and director Denis Bouchard, the group Mes Aïeux and host Isabelle Racicot.

Donors and volunteers will be honoured at various blood drive sites. They will be given a warm welcome, and various partners of the blood donation cause will speak of their gratitude for volunteers and donors’ dedication. These partners will include some blood product recipients, members of the Association of Blood Donation Volunteers and Héma-Québec management.

The need for blood is constant—1,000 donations are required daily to meet hospital demand. Today, Héma-Québec is able to give patients access to safe blood products in sufficient quantities because of those who make Québec's adequate blood reserve possible. The immeasurable support of these hundreds of thousands of people who contribute to Québec's blood reserve through one or more blood or blood component donation(s) or their volunteer work makes it all possible.

"National Blood Donor Week is a chance to remember that the blood supply is the result of a terrific sharing chain. Héma Québec salutes the commitment of hundreds of people who get involved every day to improve or even save the lives of some 80,000 patients every year," added Dr. Décary.

About Héma-Québec 

Héma-Québec aims to efficiently provide adequate quantities of safe, optimal blood components, substitutes, human tissues and cord blood to meet all Quebecers’ needs; provide and develop expertise along with specialized and innovative services and products in the fields of transfusion medicine and human tissue transplantation.
Give blood. Give life.

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