Héma-Québec obtains European patent for inventing method to isolate immunoglobulin fractions with unique biochemical properties

Montreal, September 11, 2009 — The European Patent Office (EPO), the organization responsible for examining and issuing patents in Europe, has granted a patent* to HémaQuébec entitled Purification of polyreactive autoantibodies and uses thereof.

This patent concerns a new method for fractioning therapeutic intravenous immunoglobulins (IgIV) from human plasma. IgIV are particularly used to treat immunodeficiency.

“Given our goal of developing international partnerships, obtaining a European patent is especially beneficial because several human plasma fractionation companies and laboratories are located in Europe,” said Yves Blais, Vice-President, Research and Development at HémaQuébec.

In the long term, the method described in this patent could become an option for purifying immunoglobulin fractions capable of forming immune complexes with various human plasma proteins. Among other abilities, immune complexes can interact with certain proteins involved in diverse immune system mechanisms.

This method will enable Héma-Québec to move towards self-sufficiency in supply of human plasma for fractionation and more easily meet growing hospital demand.

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