Three Québec personalities have agreed to endorse the cause of giving blood

Montréal, June 13, 2010 - For the third edition of National Blood Donor Week, which takes place from June 14 to June 20, three well-known and respected Québec personalities have agreed to endorse Héma-Québec’s mission.

In fact, hosts Sébastien Benoît and Pénélope McQuade as well as athlete and businessman Bruny Surin have joined forces with Héma-Québec to remind the public, each in their own manner, of just how important giving blood is for the community.

You will see them on the television and hear them on the radio during the week of June 14, as they demonstrate their support for the cause of giving blood in a variety of media appearances.

Throughout the summer, the faces of these new spokespeople will be seen on various advertisements on billboards along highways, in public transit vehicles and other places.

Throughout Québec, they will spread the message of the “This summer, lend a hand.  Lend an arm.” campaign. They will appeal to the generosity of Quebecers to maintain the collective blood reserve at a sufficient level, even during the summer period.

Whether they do so as a recipient, a donor or an active citizen, the three personalities are committed to a cause that saves lives.

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