Successful inspection at the Montréal facility and Place Versailles Globule

Montréal, May 13, 2011 – The licences for Héma-Québec's Montréal facility and the Place Versailles Globule Blood Donor Centre have been renewed following the annual Health Canada inspection, which took place from November 22 to December 3, 2010.

The inspections reported observations that had no major impact on the safety of the products. Corrective measures have already been implemented or are about to be implemented (see appended document).

"Maintaining the licence means that Héma-Québec respects all of the safety measures required by Health Canada. I congratulate all of the employees for their professionalism. The trust of the people of Québec in their blood supplier is a priority at all times," declared Dr. Jean de Serres, Chief Executive Officer of Héma-Québec.

Every year, Health Canada representatives inspect both of Héma-Québec's facilities. The three Globule Blood Donor Centres are inspected every second year. This measure is intended to guarantee that the organization that provides blood products to Québec respects the most rigorous quality and safety standards and satisfies the requirements of the facility licence issued by Health Canada.

About Héma-Québec

Héma-Québec's mission is to efficiently provide adequate quantities of safe, optimal blood components, substitutes, human tissues and cord blood to meet the needs of all Quebecers; to provide and develop expertise along with specialized and innovative services and products in the fields of transfusion medicine and human tissue transplantation.

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