PLASMAVIE Plasma Donor Lounge in Trois-Rivières

A conclusive experiment that will be repeated in three Québec cities

Trois-Rivières, November 19, 2014 – One year ago this week, Héma-Québec launched a completely new concept in Trois-Rivières: the PLASMAVIE Plasma Donor Lounge, a unique type of collection centre. The results were so conclusive that Héma-Québec is now announcing the implementation of three similar centres in as many municipalities in Québec.

More than 6,700 collections were made over the past 12 months and 30% of the PLASMAVIE donors have made more than 8 donations. Héma-Québec must, however, recruit 700 new donors to attain its level of 13,500 collections per year. “Donors in the region responded spontaneously and enthusiastically and we hope to continue in the same manner. We have hired new staff and added two collection beds,” said Marco Décelles, Interim CEO and Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer for Héma-Québec.

PLASMAVIE was created to enable Héma-Québec to increase it plasma sufficiency rate and, as a result, reduce its foreign procurement of this product. Only plasma is collected, using apheresis, which involves collecting only the blood components desired. It is possible to give plasma every six days and greater quantities can be donated, compared to a whole blood donation.

At the start of the project, 87% of the fractionation plasma needed to manufacture medications needed for Québec patients came from the United States, since this component cost less to purchase on the American market. Héma-Québec’s project is intended to increase the fractionation plasma self-sufficiency rate to 30% and to reduce the cost of producing a litre of plasma by 53%.

“Considering the results obtained in Trois-Rivières, we are now able to proceed to a new development phase. We have signed agreements with the cities of Saguenay, Sherbrooke and, very recently, Gatineau. As a result, Héma-Québec will open PLASMAVIE donor lounges in each of these cities,” Mr. Décelles added.

Give plasma. Give life.

Plasma is the liquid component of blood that contains red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Fractionating plasma makes it possible to isolate and purify certain proteins that will then be used to make medications for individuals with immune system deficiencies or even treat a dozen other diseases.

For more information about the PLASMAVIE Plasma Donor Lounge: or 1 888 666-HEMA (4362), extension 408.

Adjustments to be made to Héma-Québec’s activities in the region

The implementation of the PLASMAVIE Plasma Donor Lounge in Trois-Rivières has encouraged several donors who are committed to the cause of blood donation to opt to make a plasma donation at the PLASMAVIE lounge. In return, Héma-Québec has noted that several blood drives in the region have under performed, despite the exceptional commitment of the organizing committees. “It is clear that we have to recruit new donors and we are launching a particular appeal to people who have already considered making a blood donation but who have not yet had an opportunity to do so,” concluded Mr. Décelles. Héma-Québec will be present in Mauricie on four occasions in December and invites donors to respond in large numbers. The dates are available on the Héma-Québec site or can be obtained by calling 1 800-343-7264.

About Héma-Québec

To efficiently meet the needs of the Québec population for safe, optimal-quality blood and blood products, human tissues, cord blood, mother’s milk and cellular products; to develop and provide expertise and specialized, innovative services in the field of human biological products. Héma-Québec encompasses 1,300 employees, over 300,000 donor visits to blood drives per year, 16,000 volunteers and more than 500,000 blood products delivered annually to Québec hospitals to meet the needs of patients.

Give blood. Give life.

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