The Medal of the National Assembly of Québec is presented to Héma-Québec

Montréal, November 18, 2021 – The Government of Québec presented yesterday the Medal of the National Assembly to Nathalie Fagnan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Héma-Québec. This prestigious honour recognizes the outstanding work of Héma-Québec’s staff, donors and volunteers who, since the start of the pandemic, have shown extraordinary dedication to meeting the needs of Québec patients for biological products of human origin

In presenting this award, Marwah Rizqy, Member for Saint-Laurent, pointed out that “Nathalie Fagnan’s exceptional dedication and commitment earned her a place on the list of Canada's Most Powerful Women: Top 100 2021 Award Winners, in the category of Women of Courage. Her support, along with the support of all Héma-Québec employees across Québec, has been vital to ensuring the continued supply of blood products to hospitals, mother’s milk, human tissues and stem cells since the start of the pandemic.” She went on to express her appreciation “to the donors and volunteers who mobilized to continue donating the gift of life even during the challenging lockdowns.”

“I am deeply touched and honoured to accept this prestigious award,” stated Nathalie Fagnan. “This recognition by the National Assembly is a tribute to our 1,500 employees, 250,000 donors and thousands of volunteers without whom none of this would have been possible.”

About the Medal of the National Assembly

The Medal of the National Assembly of Québec is awarded by the Members of the Assembly to people of their choice who are deserving of recognition. The reverse of the medal presents an effigy of Jean-Antoine Panet, the first Speaker of the House of Assembly of Lower Canada (since 1968, the Speaker of the Assembly has been called the President). This effigy reproduces part of the painting titled Le Débat sur les langues by Charles Huot, which hangs in the National Assembly Chamber of the Parliament Building. The medal is made of bronze, with a lacquered antique finish.

About Héma-Québec

Héma-Québec’s mission is to efficiently meet the Quebec population’s needs for blood and other high-quality biological products of human origin. Héma-Québec has 1,500 employees, nearly 255,000 donors of blood, plasma, stem cells, mothers’ milk and human tissue, as well as thousands of volunteers at blood drive sites. Héma-Québec delivers nearly 820,000 human-derived biological products to Quebec hospitals every year to meet patients’ needs.

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