Educational guide

Blood donation comes to class
A blood donation learning and awareness tool is now available to elementary, cycle three, and secondary, cycle one, teachers. This educational guide, entitled BLOOD RED!, is aimed at making young people aware of the importance of blood donation so that we can count on a growing pool of young donors.

What is in the guide?
The BLOOD RED! guide includes a teacher’s guide, activity sheets that can be photocopied, a glossary, stickers, postcards, a theme poster to decorate the classroom (and announce a drive, if applicable, or simply showcase the class’s interest in blood donation) as well as a complementary DVD.

The guide is divided in two parts. The first part is aimed at providing students with basic information on blood and its role in sustaining life. The second part deals with various questions related to blood donation, including practical information on holding a blood drive in schools.

What are the proposed activities?
The kit provides a wide range of stimulating activities. It contains suggestions for research projects, debate topics, riddles to solve and role-playing and word-association games.

It should be noted that some activities take a multidisciplinary approach and foster links between various teaching subjects such as math, English, science and technology, social studies, visual arts, drama, physical education, health, and moral instruction.

The subjects are addressed in such a way as to arouse students’ curiosity and interest, whether or not they participate in a drive. The “Organizing a blood drive” section is aimed only at classes participating in a drive.

Special thanks to Desjardins and the Héma-Québec Foundation for their financial support.

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