Red blood cell donation

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Once we have received your completed registration form, we will contact you to invite you to make a donation by apheresis, according to your availability.

How often can you donate red cells by apheresis?

Double red cell donation allows to give more each time, but less often, since, unlike a regular donation, you only give every 112 days rather than every 56 days. The double donation is made by appointment only.

How long does the double red cell donation take?

Double red cell donation allows the collection of twice as many red blood cells as a regular donation and takes only 15 minutes longer. As soon as the donation is complete, your body begins to create new red blood cells.

How are red blood cells collected?

The blood is collected and separated into its different components, in which red blood cells are removed while the other components are returned to your bloodstream. You are given a normal saline solution during the donation to replace the volume of blood that is collected.

Why choose to make a double red cell donation?

Your double donation will help maintain an optimal supply of red blood cells to meet the needs of patients.

Where can I donate red blood cells by apheresis?

You can make a double red cell donation at one of Héma-Québec’s GLOBULE Blood Donor Centres.

Red blood cells compatibility

For any question concerning red blood cell donation: 1-800-847-2525.