Expense reimbursement programme

Applies only to participants residing outside Québec city but within the province of Québec.

Expense reimbursement program

At its Québec City facility in Sainte-Foy, Héma-Québec offers a practical training in immunohematology. In order to increase access to this training for technicians working in blood banks, Héma-Québec Foundation is offering an expense reimbursement program for the participants residing outside Québec city but within the province of Québec.

Program eligibility criteria

Any blood bank laboratory technician registered in the immunohematology training program offered by Héma-Québec who resides in the province of Québec and lives more than 50km from the training site (namely Héma-Québec’s Québec City facility located at 1070 Sciences-de-la-Vie Avenue) is eligible for the expense reimbursement program.

Eligible expenses

Expenses incurred for travel, lodging and meals are reimbursable up to a total of $1,250. The following conditions apply:

  • Travel expenses (train, taxi, bus) or allowance of $0.43/km
  • Allowance of $0.53/km if you are carpooling
  • Parking fees at Héma-Québec's facility
  • Hotel accommodation costs: a maximum of $140 per night
  • Allowance of $22,25 per person per night for people who are staying with family
  • Meal allowance: $10 for breakfast, $15 for lunch and $25 for supper (maximum compensation of $50)

Reimbursement terms

Please send us the application form in Excel format and email us scanned copies of your receipts at: education@hema-quebec.qc.ca (please make sure to include all the pages and that all the information is legible).

You have also the option to provide the original receipts (hotel, travel expenses and restaurant) and the completed form by mail to:

Suzie Lamontagne
Administrative secretary
Reference and Stem Cell Laboratory
1070 Sciences-de-la-Vie Avenue
Québec City, Québec  G1V 5C3

The requests must be submitted within 30 days following the last day of training.

For additional information, call 418-780-4362 or 1-800-267-9711, extension 2200.