Stable products

Our activities

Héma-Québec acts as a distributor of stable products for Québec.

We purchase stable products from suppliers, manage the inventory of the products and ensure the supply for our client hospitals.

Moreover, we send a portion of the plasma that we collect to a fractionation facility that extracts stable products from it. These products are also part of our inventory of stable products.

Products distributed

The categories of stable products we distribute include :

  • Intravenous immunoglobulins or IVIg (extracted from plasma)
  • Antihemophilic or coagulation factors (extracted from plasma or recombinant)
  • Albumin (extracted from plasma)
  • Hyperimmune immunoglobulins (extracted from plasma)

 Liste des produits stables distribués par Héma-Québec (20-04-2018) – in French

 Liste des produits stables distribués par Héma-Québec (sous directive du MSSS) – in French