Families and loved ones: what should you expect?

Consider an option that could have positive results. By consenting to your loved one donating human tissues, you could change the life of more than 20 people.

Families frequently indicate that donating tissues gives meaning to the death of their loved one.

Want to learn more about how the donation process works? Consult the health professionals who will guide you through the process. You can also check the section “How does human tissue donation work?”.

We also invite you to consult the section “Why consent to human tissue donation?” to learn how this type of donation can change a life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each donor is rigorously assessed and, depending on the results of the assessment, the donation may proceed.

Once consent is obtained for the tissue donation, Héma-Québec usually requires a maximum of 24 hours to collect the tissue and return the body to loved ones.

The tissue collection process does not change the appearance of donors or prevent their viewing at funeral homes.


For more information, consult the document Frequently asked questions about tissue donation.

Paule, Jérémy’s mother, and Sophie, Catherine’s mother, tell us their moving story. Their respective children lost their lives in a car accident in 2020 and donated their human tissue. In this emotionally charged conversation, discover how they respected the wishes of their loved ones and came to their decision.

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