Our activities

From donation to transplantation

Donor qualification

Héma-Québec has always complies with the highest standards in order to provide safe grafts and reduce the risks associated with infectious diseases. Its donor qualification process includes:

  • Medical-social questionnaire to be filled out with the donor's next of kin
  • Review of the medical record
  • Calculation of hemodilution
  • Physical examination
  • Screening tests for infectious diseases
  • Complete technical review by the medical director and quality assurance division

Bacterial contamination control

Strict measures are applied to minimize the risks of bacterial contamination:

  • Aseptic collection techniques
  • Bacteriological tests
  • Tissues prepared in "clean rooms"
  • Terminal decontamination through irradiation of musculoskeletal tissues
  • Valve and skin grafts soaked in an antibiotic solution
  • Preservation methods that ensure tissues remain aseptic

Collection and processing


Héma-Québec has an operating room specially equipped for human tissue collection (ISO class 8 clean room, in accordance with ISO 14644-1). Human tissue processing is performed entirely in the Héma-Québec laboratories. Products are processed in clean rooms (ISO classes 5 and 7), environments where air quality is rigorously  controlled, in order to minimize the risks of bacterial contamination.


All products undergo a decontamination step. Musculoskeletal products undergo a terminal gamma-ray irradiation treatment, while valve and skin products are soaked in a solution containing antibiotics.


Héma-Québec takes all the necessary measures to ensure products are sent as quickly as possible, regardless of the circumstances. Depending on the preservation conditions required, products are sent frozen, at room temperature or in a cryogenic container.