Licence and agreement

Licence and agreement

Health Canada

Héma-Québec holds an establishment licence issued by Health Canada.

Health Canada is the organization that establishes reference standards and defines the basic criteria required for all aspects of the services Canadian blood banks are responsible for providing.

Héma-Québec’s operating licence numbers:

  • 100862-A (Montréal facility)
  • 100862-B (Québec City facility)

We must meet very strict regulations with respect to the choice of blood donation locations, donor qualification criteria, blood collection procedures, blood transportation, blood product processing, product control and qualification, and the transfer of blood products to hospital centres. The goal of these measures is to protect the donor’s health and ensure the recipient’s safety.

Health Canada conducts an annual inspection of our facilities. Health Canada representatives ensure that the safety measures it enforces and the conditions of the operating licence granted to Héma-Québec are being respected.


In keeping with Judge Krever’s recommendation in his report for the Commission of Inquiry into Canada’s Blood Supply, Héma-Québec has all of its blood product manufacturing processes evaluated by third parties, including the AABB (Advancing Transfusion and Cellular Therapies Worldwide, previously called the American Association of Blood Banks).

The AABB is a renowned American organization whose membership includes some 2,000 institutions from the United States and 80 other countries. Its mission is to establish and promote the highest standards in care provided to recipients and donors in every area related to blood banks; transfusion medicine; and hematopoietic, cellular and genetic therapy.

AABB accreditation is renewable on a periodic basis. Héma-Québec was accredited for the first time in 2001, and its accreditation was renewed in 2004, and again in 2006.