Maryska, Registered Donor

What is the Stem Cell Donor Registry?

Héma-Québec manages the Stem Cell Donor Registry for Québec: this registry is a computerized bank consisting of nearly 53,000 people who could eventually consent to donate their stem cells (bone marrow or peripheral stem cells) for a patient anywhere in the world.

The registry is linked to the World Marrow Donor Association’s (WMDA) worldwide database that provides access to nearly 38 million potential stem cell donors.

This database makes Quebec’s registry available to all patients waiting for a stem cell transplant in other Canadian provinces and elsewhere in the world and, in return, enables Héma-Québec to search for unrelated stem cell donors internationally.

We intervene when a patient’s doctor asks us to conduct a search for an unrelated donor after no family member is found to be compatible.

Each year, our team handles more than 200 new requests to search for unrelated stem cell donors. This is an important mandate; the challenge is to ensure and maintain a diversified and adequate registry.

The Stem Cell Donor Registry could not operate without your invaluable support.