What is the Stem Cell Donor Registry?

Héma-Québec has set up and manages Québec’s Stem Cell Donor Registry: a computerized bank containing the names of Quebecers who could eventually agree to a stem cell donation.

More than 60,000 people are listed in Québec’s Stem Cell Donor Registry. This registry is linked to the Canadian registry as well as international registries, which enables us to look for an unrelated stem cell donor for a patient on an international scale. In return, our Registry is available to all patients in other provinces and elsewhere in the world who are waiting for a stem cell transplant. The Canadian registry includes hundreds of thousands of donors (including Québec donors), while all of the international registries together provide access to more than 30 millions potential donors.

We intervene when the patient’s doctor asks us to look for an unrelated donor and when no family member has been found to be compatible. If a donor who is compatible with the patient is found in the Stem Cell Donor Registry, Héma-Québec will contact that person.

Every month, our team handles about a hundred requests for searches for unrelated stem cell donors. Locating these donors is a major mandate, and our challenge consists in maintaining a sufficiently large and diversified Registry.

The Stem Cell Donor Registry could not operate without your invaluable contribution.