About Héma-Québec


To efficiently meet the needs of the Québec population for quality blood and other biological products of human origin.


To become a strategic partner for the Québec health system.

Our values


Act in accordance with one’s words and values, both on a personal and organizational level, and comply with laws, policies and directives while respecting commitments with honesty and conviction. Communicate in a transparent and sincere manner and tell things how they are to foster a climate of trust and partnership.


Accept individual differences and each person’s right to express his or her opinions, ideas and different points of view. Listen to others and recognize their expertise, values and qualities in a spirit of collaboration and team work.


Contribute to creating and maintaining an environment that inspires people to excel. Serve Héma-Québec’s mission and work together to achieve excellence and expected results in an environment where each individual has the opportunity to succeed. Give the best of oneself and contribute with heart and passion to the implementation of the vision and the creation of positive relationships with all of our partners, volunteers and donors.


Take responsibility for one’s actions, be accountable for the actions taken and results obtained in the performance of one’s duties. Take on the role that we have been given and demonstrate the independence needed to take actions and make decisions as required based on the situations that arise. Take initiative, be open-minded and strive to develop one’s full potential in keeping with the goals of the organization.

2022–2023 Annual Report

2022–2023 Scientific Activities Report

2021–2025 Strategic Plan

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