Umbilical cord blood donation

A second life for your cord blood

You planned everything: the bedroom, the stroller, the onesies. But did you know you can also plan to donate your cord blood? The latter is full of valuable stem cells that can help treat over 80 diseases, such as leukemia and aplastic anemia. By agreeing to donate your cord blood, you’re delivering hope to someone - and their family - who have been eagerly awaiting a stem cell transplant.

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Picture of Loraine, cord blood donor 

A simple gesture, without any risk

Once the umbilical cord is cut and your newborn baby is in your arms, the doctor who assisted you during the birth will carefully collect the blood left in the umbilical cord, normally discarded as medical waste. The procedure is absolutely risk-free for you and for the baby.

There’s no need for concern: the sample is taken with the utmost respect for your privacy. Of course, we encourage mothers to inform their health care providers before delivery. Most donors say this generous gift had no effect on their birth plan in any way.

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Too precious to waste

Cord blood has the power to save the life of a perfect stranger anxiously awaiting a stem cell transplant. Usually the recipients are children as the amount of stem cells collected is best suited for people weighing less than 50 kg. Precious cells from the blood left in the umbilical cord are absolutely critical for treating many serious illnesses.

When you donate cord blood after the delivery of your baby, it's like giving life, and saving another life.

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