Human tissue bank & donations

When you die, you have the opportunity to perpetuate your values of altruism and mutual assistance by making a human tissue donation. While less well-known than organ donation, tissue donation is just as important.

By consenting to making a human tissue donation, you can change the life of more than 20 people. This simple gesture by donors and their loved ones has enormous benefits for recipients. Sign your Québec health insurance card. Above all, talk to your loved ones to ensure that your wishes are respected.

Human tissue donation starts with you.

I want to change lives

Following an accident, Patrick partially lost his sight. Then, thanks to a registered donor, he received a cornea transplant and saw his life change, literally. Discover his touching story, and why he is dedicated to helping others.

Héma-Québec supplies human tissues for grafting and transplantation, in addition to managing the only human tissue bank for the entire province of Québec.

As the supplier of human tissues, Héma-Québec:

Héma-Québec raises awareness among the public and hospital staff about the importance of identifying potential donors. When prospective donors are identified, health professionals refer them to Héma-Québec, which handles the process for collecting human tissues, including corneas.

Héma-Québec is also responsible for collecting various tissues, in accordance with the wishes of the deceased donors and their loved ones, and processes them for eventual transplantation. Héma-Québec collects the following human tissues:

  • Musculoskeletal tissues (ligaments, tendons, bone chips, femoral heads (end of the femur); 
  • arterial tissues (abdominal aortas and arteries);
  • Cutaneous tissues (skin);
  • Heart tissues (valves);
  • Eye tissues (corneas).

Héma-Québec meets the needs of medical teams and patients to safely distribute human tissues to Québec’s hospitals..

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