Héma-Québec intends to contribute to the training of qualified aspiring researchers and to the development of a clinical expertise in fields that are relevant to the organization’s activities. In this context, biomedical and bio-industrial research are of particular importance.

Researchers in the R&D Division have university affiliations allowing them to act as thesis co-supervisors for graduate students. Héma-Québec awards scholarships to the most promising graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to encourage them to specialize in fields of interest for the organization.

During the summer, the R&D Division offers college and undergraduate students the opportunity of undertaking internships at Héma-Québec. For a few months, students can put into practice the knowledge gained during their academic training. Other divisions occasionally welcome interns seeking to hone their business administration skills, especially in project management and business plan development.

For information about our scholarships and internship opportunities, please contact the R&D secretariat.

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