Research and development

Research and Development at Héma-Québec: An Overview

Research and development (R&D) activities must be an important focus of any organization operating in the health care field, where technological advances are steady and rapid. At Héma-Québec, the efforts dedicated to R&D activities support overall business operations. These activities are in line with the major orientations of Héma-Québec’s strategic plan. The R&D Division plays a key role in improving quality and efficiency, and acts as an essential innovation driver.

The R&D Division also fosters the growth of an economic environment that is favourable to innovation through networking and collaboration with local, national and international partners in academic and industrial sectors of the life sciences. This ecosystem, which brings together various organizations that share an interest in biomedical research, provides additional opportunities for innovation and new product development.

All R&D activities are evaluated by the Scientific and Medical Advisory Committee and the Research Ethics Committee (the ultimate authority in matters of compliance with research ethics standards).

2021–2022 Scientific Activities Report

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