Felix-Antoine, donneur de plasma

What is plasma?

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Plasma is the liquid part of blood. Comprised of 90% water, this precious pale yellow liquid is rich in proteins that play a vital role in treating immune deficiencies and neurological disorders, among other conditions.

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Why donate plasma?

What is donated plasma used for?

Each day, people live and heal, thanks to plasma. The proteins that it contains – immunoglobulins, clotting factors, albumin and fibrinogen – are used to manufacture essential drugs.

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What Is the process for donating plasma?

What is the process for donating plasma?

Donating plasma is as simple as donating blood. But since the donation process uses apheresis, a technique that allows only the desired components to be collected, a person can donate plasma every six days!

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Can I donate plasma?

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We are always looking for generous donors! If you are in good health and meet the eligibility criteria, you can donate. Find out if you are eligible to donate plasma.

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Where can I donate plasma?

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Héma-Québec’s GLOBULE and PLASMAVIE centres are dedicated to safely collecting blood products, including plasma. You will be warmly welcomed in a modern and comfortable environment.

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The need for plasma is enormous, and demand continues to increase. Your plasma donations help change the life of thousands of Quebecers. Plan to donate plasma now.

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