Picture of Éliane, cord blood transplantee

Public Cord Blood Bank

A Public Cord Blood Bank in sync with the public

The Héma-Québec Public Cord Blood Bank aims to make stem cells from umbilical cord blood a collective resource that reflects the people of Quebec. The more Quebec’s ethnic diversity is represented in the Héma-Québec Cord Blood Bank, the greater the chances of finding a compatible donor. For someone suffering from a serious illness, this means the ability to access lifesaving treatment. Nothing less.

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Picture of Chanel, cord blood donor 

The path to donation

Once collected, the cord blood is sent to the Héma-Québec Public Cord Blood Bank where it is processed and tested in a laboratory. If it meets all of the standards, it is frozen until matched with a compatible recipient.

If the donation fails to qualify, which can happen when the amount collected is too small, with the donor’s consent it can be used for research.

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