Héma-Québec announces implementation of a new blood donation method at Globule Blood Donor Centres

Montréal, August 31, 2009 — Héma-Québec announces the implement of apheresis double red cell donation beginning today at Laurier Québec Globule Blood Donor Centre in Sainte-Foy. A first in Canada, double red blood cell donation will be introduced progressively at Montréal’s Place Versailles and Laval’s Centre Laval Globule Blood Donor Centres.

Apheresis donation of multiple blood components will also be introduced in the next few months. This new procedure will first begin at Laurier Québec Globule Blood Donor Centre in November, 2009.

The Globule Centres at Montréal’s Place Versailles and Laval’s Centre Laval will begin apheresis double red cell donation in mid-December, 2009, followed by apheresis donation of multiple blood components in March, 2010.

Apheresis: making the most of every donation

The use of apheresis donation is growing in Québec and around the world. Use of this method makes it possible to meet demand for blood products more safely and efficiently, and allows Héma-Québec to meet the growing demand for Rh negative packed red cells.

Apheresis donation is simple, safe and efficient. Apheresis is a process linked to the donor's arm that extracts and separates blood components during a blood donation. This makes it possible to collect red blood cells, platelets and plasma separately or in combination. The required components are drawn out and the unused components are returned to the donor. The donor’s body begins to replace the collected components once the donation is completed.
The apheresis process allows selective collection of blood components (red blood cells, platelets and plasma). Apheresis donation makes it possible to safely donate a larger quantity of blood components required for a given blood type while the donor is at the Globule Centre. Apheresis also allows more than one blood component to be collected during a single donation.

Thanks to these new collection options, Héma-Québec is better equipped to respond to the needs of hospital patients. As transfusion patients should ideally receive blood components that are compatible with their blood type, a constant supply of components is required for each blood group. The blood reserve thus requires careful planning. Apheresis donation allows demand to be met more efficiently.

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