How does donating work?

Do you have it in you to save a life?

Donating stem cells takes time. It takes heart. But remember, it takes only one donation to save someone’s life. If you are interested in giving this extraordinary gift, here’s some information you need to know.

How’s your health?

The health and safety of donors and recipients is our top priority.

Two to three weeks before the donation, we’ll ask you to visit a hospital:

  • To meet with the doctor taking the sample;
  • To establish a medical history and undergo a general physical examination;
  • To submit blood and urine tests;
  • To undergo an electrocardiogram and a chest X-ray;
  • To complete any other medical examinations required.

In Québec, there are two designated collection centres:

  • Montreal region: Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital;
  • Québec City region: Québec City CHU.