Donating blood during the pandemic

Héma-Québec pursues its mission through the mobilization of donors and volunteers

One thousand blood donations are required every day to ensure an optimal reserve level. This is true both in normal circumstances and during a pandemic.

Héma-Québec is actively pursuing its essential mission during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many blood drives are held every day at various locations in Québec.

More than ever, Héma-Québec is encouraging new and existing donors to continue to mobilize to ensure a sufficient level to meet the needs of patients in hospitals.

What you need to know about donating blood during a pandemic

  • The ban on gatherings does not apply to Héma-Québec. In the event of a lockdown or curfew, travel exemption attestations will be sent by email.
  • 100% of donations are done by appointment.
  • Collection sites are safe. Héma-Québec applies measures that meet or exceed guidelines from public health authorities.
  • Medical masks, issued by Héma-Québec, must be worn by everyone at all times.
  • You must hydrate and eat before coming to your donation.
  • Escorts must also donate blood.

To learn more about additional safety measures and their impact on the donating experience, consult our FAQ page.

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