Additional safety measures

Access to the blood drive site

Héma-Québec is making every effort to ensure the supply of blood products, while protecting the donors, volunteers and employees who make this gift of life possible.

For your safety and the safety of others

Table de contrôle pour l'accès au site.

You must register at the control access front desk. A mask will be given to you and you must wear it throughout the entire donation process. Make sure to hydrate yourself before entering the site: you will not be able to drink throughout the process.

Prise de température

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, you cannot enter the blood drive site. 

Distance minimale de 2 mètres

As much as possible, maintain a minimum distance of 2 meters with each other.


If you’re with someone, that person must also donate blood.

Lavage de mains

Throughout the process, you will be invited to wash and/or disinfect your hands. Stations are planned for this purpose on the premises. Avoid touching your face.

Test de dépistage

A blood drive is not a location for a COVID-19 screening test.