Mélissa, mother's milk donor

From donation to distribution

Your donation’s journey

Your donation of mother's milk

At home, you collect your surplus milk in bottles provided by Héma-Québec, then freeze it.

Based on where you live, Héma-Québec will pick the bottles up at your home or will ask you to bring them to a drop-off point.

Pick-up or drop-off
Pooling of all breast milk

Héma-Québec then pools your donation with that of other donors to produce one batch of milk.

The milk is pasteurized to eliminate bacteria and viruses.

Tests and preservation

Héma-Québec checks that the pasteurized milk meets strict safety standards. It is then frozen and preserved for a maximum of one year.

The milk is distributed to hospitals, where it is given to premature babies who cannot be breastfed by their mother.



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