Mélissa, mother's milk donor

Who can donate?

Do you have the required profile?

  • Have a baby that is less than eight months of age:

To register, your baby must be less than eight months of age to allow for a sufficiently long period of availability to donate. Expressing surplus milk requires compassion, as well as time. You can express your surplus milk for the Bank until your baby is 12 months old;

  • Be nursing and have an overproduction of milk;
  •  Be a non-smoker;
  • Live in a municipality located in:
    • The Montréal Metropolitan Community (including Saint-Jérôme and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu);
    • The Québec Metropolitan Community (including Laurier-Station, Saint-Basile, Saint-Apollinaire, Neuville, Pont-Rouge and Donnacona);
    • or reside within a one-hour drive from the following drop-off points:
      • PLASMAVIE Gatineau (205 rue Bellehumeur, Suite 80, Gatineau J8T 8H3)
      • PLASMAVIE Sherbrooke (3200 rue King Ouest, Suite A-170, Sherbrooke J1L 1C9 )
      • PLASMAVIE Saguenay (2096 boulevard Talbot, Chicoutimi G7H 8B5 )
      • PLASMAVIE Trois-Rivières (4767 boulevard Gene-H.-Kruger, Trois-Rivières G9A 4N4)

Please note that COVID-19 vaccines authorized by Health Canada do not involve a prohibition period from donating mother’s milk.

I would like to donate

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