Héma-Québec is taking part in an international blood donation awareness-raising movement

Montréal, August 16, 2016 – Héma-Québec has joined its voice to an international movement intended to raise public awareness of the importance of giving blood. During a week, the letters A, B and O will be erased from the organization’s summer advertising campaign. Loyal partners of the cause will do the same, particularly the Journal de Montréal and the Journal de Québec, the Fondation Héma-Québec and the Association des bénévoles du don de sang. Personalities who have served as the organization’s ambassadors in the past will relay social media messages highlighting the importance of blood donation using the hash tags #GroupeManquant and #MissingType.

During the summer, Héma-Québec will increase its presence in advertising and in the social media to remind donors not to forget the cause during the beautiful weather. By taking part in the Missing Type movement, the organization wishes to invite anyone who has already considered giving blood without taking action to try the experience.

Every 80 seconds, someone needs blood in Québec. Patients receiving treatment for cancer or a blood disease, during surgery or even new mothers who have lost blood while giving birth... blood is an absolutely essential element in modern health care and the blood supply depends on the generosity of donors who share their health to save lives.

Launched in 2015 in the United Kingdom by NHS Blood and Transplant, the Missing Type/Groupe Manquant campaign will take on a planetary dimension when 25 blood banks located in 22 countries take part in it. Thus, the letters that represent the principal blood types – A, B, and O – will disappear from publications, sites or major places of interest, throughout the world.

Knowing your blood type

The blood types are classified in systems. In the ABO system, there are four possible blood types: A, B, O and AB. Before a blood transfusion is done, the compatibility of the donor’s blood type and that of the recipient must be ensured. Blood typing is done on all blood donations collected by Héma-Québec. Following the first donation, the donor receives a card by mail indicating their blood type.

Upcoming blood drives

To know the dates of the upcoming blood drives in your neighbourhood, consult Héma-Québec’s Web site at www.hema-quebec.qc.ca or call 1 800 343-7264.

About Héma-Québec

Héma-Québec’s mission is to efficiently meet the needs of the Québec population for safe, optimal-quality blood and blood products, human tissues, cord blood, mother’s milk and cellular products; and to develop and provide expertise and specialized, innovative services in the field of human biological products.

Héma-Québec encompasses 1,300 employees, over 300,000 donor visits to blood drives per year, 16,000 volunteers and more than 500,000 blood products delivered annually to Québec hospitals to meet the needs of patients.

Give blood. Give life.

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