What to expect?

Blood is a unique, essential and irreplaceable product for which there is no artificial substitute. Maintaining the collective blood supply depends entirely on the generosity of individuals who want to share the gift of health. To meet the blood product requirements of Quebecers, we must collect more than 1,000 donations per day.

Every blood donation can help save several lives. By making this remarkable community-minded gesture, donors are considered as truly anonymous heroes. Recipients and patients waiting for blood components join together to say “thank you” to these heroes for their generosity.

Blood donation: step by step (VIDEO)

What to expect?

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Steps for donating blood (TABLE)

1. Reception

  • Bring piece of photo ID (health insurance card, driver's licence or passport) or your donor card with you
    • Please note that student or employee cards are not accepted.
  • Familiarize yourself with the selection criteria

2. Reading

  • Read the pamphlet Blood donation: what you need to know

3. Registration

  • Present proof of photo ID and receive a bracelet or present your donor card
  • Have your hemoglobin level checked
  • Have your photo taken

4. Questionnaire

  • Scan your bracelet or donor card to identify yourself and access the questionnaire
  • Request headphones, if necessary, to access the audio version
  • Answer the questionnaire

5. Eligibility

  • Scan your bracelet or donor card to identify yourself and enable the nurse to access your file
  • Go over certain questions with the nurse, if necessary
  • Have your temperature checked
  • Sign the consent form

6. Donation

  • The puncture site is disinfected
  • Blood is collected 

7. Rest

  • Apply pressure to the puncture site
  • A volunteer will remove the bracelet 

8. Snack

  • Drink at least 500 ml of water or juice


It takes a village to save lives, day in and day out! Thanks to the blood donors all over Québec. Hospitals depend on the generosity of donors to maintain their blood supply.

For any question concerning blood donation: 1 800 847-2525.

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