What to expect?

Blood donation: step by step (VIDEO)

What to expect?

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Donor testimonials (VIDEOS)

Our donors often give testimony of the well-being they feel after a donation... And for just cause: they save lives!

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Steps for donating blood (TABLE)

1. Reception

  • Bring proof of ID or your donor card with you
  • Familiarize yourself with the selection criteria

2. Reading

  • Read the pamphlet Blood donation: what you need to know

3. Registration

  • Present proof of ID and receive a bracelet or present your donor card
  • Have your hemoglobin level checked
  • Have your photo taken

4. Questionnaire

  • Scan your bracelet or donor card to identify yourself and access the questionnaire
  • Request headphones, if necessary, to access the audio version
  • Answer the questionnaire

5. Eligibility

  • Scan your bracelet or donor card to identify yourself and enable the nurse to access your file
  • Go over certain questions with the nurse, if necessary
  • Have your vital signs checked (blood pressure and temperature)
  • Sign the consent form

6. Donation

  • The puncture site is disinfected
  • Blood is collected 

7. Rest

  • Apply pressure to the puncture site
  • A volunteer will remove the bracelet 

8. Snack

  • Drink at least 500 ml of water or juice


For any question concerning blood donation: 1 800 847-2525.