Donation Types

Whole blood donation

The blood is collected as is and separated into its various components (plasma, platelets, red blood cells) in a laboratory.

This type of donation is made at a mobile blood drive or in one of our GLOBULE Blood Donor Centres.

Blood Products

Apheresis donation

The blood is separated during collection by a machine that collects only the required blood components (plasma, platelets) and returns the others to the donor.

These types of donations are made in one of our centres: GLOBULE or PLASMAVIE.

Plasma bags

Plasma donation

Plasma donations are made in GLOBULE Centres and in our PLASMAVIE Lounges. It is possible to give plasma by apheresis once every six days.

Platelet bags

Platelet donation

Platelet donation are made in our GLOBULE Centres. It is possible to give platelets once every 14 days.

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