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Apheresis donation

Apheresis donation: how does it work?

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What is apheresis donation?

This type of donation involves the use of an apheresis machine, a device that:

  • Receives the donor’s blood;
  • Separates it into various components;
  • Directs one or more targeted components into a collection bag;
  • Returns the rest of the blood to the donor.

In other words, the term apheresis refers to a collection technique by which blood components (platelets or plasma) can be collected selectively.


What is each blood component used for?

Plasma is particularly effective in treating severe burn victims and controlling bleeding.

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Platelets are often prescribed after chemotherapy (treatment used for certain cancers, such as leukemia).

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Why donate by apheresis?

To better meet needs... When a person receives a transfusion, he or she receives only the blood component he or she requires. Donating by apheresis makes it possible to:

  • give a larger amount of the desired component than with traditional blood donations; and
  • give more often.


Apheresis donor testimonials

Many donors prefer donation by apheresis. View their video testimonial.


Where can you donate by apheresis?

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