Rare Blood

What does it mean to have rare blood?

First, you should know that having a rare blood type is not an illness, rare blood is inherited. Instead, rare blood is an exceptional condition. One in a thousand people (1/1000) worldwide has a rare blood type. Perhaps you are familiar with the common blood groups: A, B, O and AB, as well as the Rh positive and negative factors. But you may be surprised to learn that, apart from these blood groups, there are more than 600 known antigens. Some combinations are rarer than others.

Your family: a valuable ally!

If you have rare blood, Héma-Québec calls on your family members, more specifically brothers and sisters, to conduct a family study. A family study consists of donating blood or collecting blood to determine if your siblings have a rare blood type. If this proves to be the case, the siblings will be invited to return regularly to donate blood at the nearest Héma-Québec blood centre. By taking part in a family study, you and your family can help increase Héma-Québec’s reserve of rare blood to meet constantly growing transfusion needs.

Act now!

A collective effort is needed to save lives! It is important that people with rare blood donate their blood regularly. A collective effort is needed to save lives! And it starts with you!

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Information intended for persons with a rare blood type and their family

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