Héma-Québec's role

Héma-Québec acts as a supplier of human tissues for transplants and manages a human tissue bank for Québec.

Héma-Québec supplies human tissues to hospitals throughout the Québec health network. Our team ensures that every step of the process — from qualifying donors to collecting, processing and distributing human tissues — complies with the strictest quality standards to provide safe transplants and reduce the risks associated with transmissible diseases.

As a supplier of human tissues, Héma-Québec must fulfill these duties:

Héma-Québec is responsible for raising the awareness of the general public and hospital staff about the importance of identifying potential donors. When health professionals identify prospective donors, they refer them to Héma-Québec, which handles the process for collecting human tissue, including corneas.

Héma-Québec is responsible for collecting human tissues — in accordance with the wishes of the deceased donors and their loved ones — and processing them for transplants. Héma-Québec collects the following human tissues:

  • Musculoskeletal tissues (ligaments, tendons, bone chips, femoral heads)
  • Arterial tissues (abdominal aortas and arteries)
  • Cutaneous tissues (skin)
  • Heart valves
  • Corneas

Héma-Québec meets the needs of medical teams and patients to safely distribute human tissues to Quebec's hospitals.

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